De Bungelaer


Result of an important restoration of a barn and the next agritourism restaurant, in this elegant and refined structure, nature and design found a common point.  

A fascinating Boutique Hotel next to a chic restaurant, where, the powerful colours combined to a charming light offered by this wonderful area, represent the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the culinary experiences of all hotel guests and all visitors who are simply visiting the area by a touristic point of view.   

Queen 90, the choice of elegance

The attention to the elegance and to the design touch isn’t missed the interior development of the kitchen, where Baron Professional has been chosen as official horizontal cooking equipment.  

In the project which has been developped with the Dutch Partner of Baron since a lot of years,   Van Gestel, the entire area reserved to the professional kitchen has been realized with the latest equipments proposed in the wide Baron Professional catalogue; griddle plates, fryers, a boiling pan, an induction, are just few of the selected equipments to support the several proposed menus.  

Baron Professional, a unique combination of elegance

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