Reliable by tradition,
innovative by choice.

I chose Baron for the uniqueness and elegance of its design. Baron is striking in its harmony, in the distinctiveness of the details and of the steel.
Its practical features give a natural touch to cooking. There’s something extraordinary about it with a safe, professional feel.

Marcantonio Sagramoso,
Executive Chef


In a never-ending drive to achieve both beauty and technological advances, the new Baron designers made it their mission to interpret the needs and the future of those who have turned their culinary expertise into an art.


The value of Quality

The reliability of each single component in every Baron appliance is tested and certified to meet current European legislation. Every piece of equipment undergoes exacting end-of-line testing to ensure operating efficiency and safety.

Baron World


Everything about professional foodservice equipment, references and the latest professional catering trends.


Baron is always looking for solutions and technologies that support you in your everyday work.


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