A new horizon for professional catering

We are presenting a complete range of ovens to boost the potential of steam cooking in the world of oven cooking. With increasingly less space in the kitchen, the demand is growing for this option to optimise space and increase possibilities. A closed chamber that optimises energy consumption and performance. Our innovative ovens offer a wide range of cooking options, allowing you to explore new culinary horizons. Whether you are steaming vegetables, roasting meat or cooking pizza on a tray, our ovens guarantee the very best results.

Designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen layout, our ovens combine functionality and style. The design of the closed chamber not only increases energy efficiency, but also creates a safe and controlled cooking environment. Try the benefits of steam cooking in a tradition horizontal kitchen layout. Give free rein to your cooking skills with our range of ovens that bring precision, versatility and efficiency to your kitchen.

So much more than a simple oven

A tool designed to increase possibilities in all kitchens around the world.
All this included in the horizontal cooking line that allows you to optimise space and resources.



Easily disassembled for easier and faster oven cleaning.



The oven chamber can always be drained in any installation condition. Thanks to the drain pump accessory that can be installed on all versions, drainage of the cooking chamber is always guaranteed.



The depth of the oven is designed for ease of installation, which makes it extremely easy and quick to connect the top equipment.



Easy cleaning and hygiene ensured by the absenceof joints - rounded corners make routine cleaning easier



The bottom of the cooking chamber is fitted with a drain to make cleaning even easier and to control the cooking parameters.

Hygienic oven base

At the service of the most demanding food preparations

The new oven bases by Baron are made with a completely rounded cooking chamber for fast and easy cleaning. Cooking chambers with a 4 x GN2/1 capacity in the Queen9 series and 4 x GN1/1 capacity in the Queen7 series mean lots of tray space and flexibility in the organisation of your kitchen. Available in the electric version, Baron provides catering professionals with a new tool for rethinking kitchen organisation.

Mechanical control

Designed to support tasks in the simplest food preparation processes. Practical and essential, it ensures basic control over static or ventilated ovens. Prepare the dish, put it in the oven and set. Everything is simple and fast.

Electronic control

Equipped with a full range of automatic and manual control functions, ensuring the very best cooking experience and consistently excellent results. A whole host of innovative features and an intuitive design make it quick and easy to use. The 2.4-inch colour IPS display makes the most important information easy to view. Designed to be fast and intuitive. The main functions are readily accessible to ensure effective use of the oven. Even more user-friendly – view the data by connecting the control to a smartphone.

Touch control

A comprehensive version that allows each chef to create the cooking process best suited to the desired result. Equipped with Touch control on a 5” IPS display with optimal viewing from all angles, it allows for ultra-advanced programming and control options. Control that allows you to adjust the ventilation, bottom and top heating elements independently, washing cycles, chamber steam injection, chamber humidity and the multipoint core probe. The display is organised so that all main functions are immediately available. The most frequently used recipes can be started simply with a touch. The automatic inversion of the fan rotation direction ensures perfectly even cooking due to the optimal distribution of heat and humidity. Smart technology to facilitate the work of chefs in kitchens all over the world.

Suitable for even the most complicated cooking methods

Even more recipes with humidity control

When using the oven, incorrect amounts of moisture during the cooking process can jeopardise the achievement of the desired result.

The moisture released from the food being cooked or input through the oven’s dedicated generation system must be managed to ensure the best method for the food being cooked.

Thanks to the system developed by Baron, you can decide how much and when to expel moist air from the cooking chamber, or you can programme the oven to do this independently according to preset parameters.

Perfect climate for every recipe

Consistency, crispiness and browning under control

Thanks to the electric opening valve, which is available in all oven versions, you can benefit from being able to quickly remove moisture from the cooking chamber. Baron thus allows you to ensure your dishes have the desired texture, crispness and browning.

Combine these options with core probe cooking control and the end result is always guaranteed and flawless.

One “touch” recipe launch”

Your favourite, most used recipes

In the version with Touch controls, you can quickly control and customise recipes. Develop your own recipes, set the parameters that best suit your menu and save your recipes. You can recall them from the Home Page on the display with one simple touch.

We take care of your oven at the end of the day

Automatic washing cycles

Baron gives you the option of fitting the oven base with an automatic washing system to help you end the day early. Set the cleaning cycle and get comfortable: cleaning your kitchen has never been this fast.

Change your perspective

Programme kitchen tasks with new rules

Configure your ideal cooking line: it is now possible to fry, grill and sauté in the traditional way, plus combine the advantages of oven cooking without cluttering up your kitchen.

A comprehensive and diversified range

A model for all requirements

Baron has designed a range of ovens with a variety of features to meet the needs of all types of cooking in the professional catering sector. A static, ventilated version with mechanical controls. A combi version with electronic or Touch control. Add the most suitable accessory to these basic versions and you can whip up the ideal menu for your business.


Baron is always looking for solutions and technologies that support you in your everyday work.


Our Team of experts will develop the solution most suited to your needs.


A technical support team is always on hand to meet any after-sales service request.


Baron is always looking for solutions and technologies that support you in your everyday work.


Our Team of experts will develop the solution most suited to your needs.


A technical support team is always on hand to meet any after-sales service request.