Ta’aktana, Marriott International’s Luxury Collection

Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a fishing town located on the western end of the large island of Flores, in Komodo district

For all those who wish not only to discover Labuan Bajo but to embrace it, dive under the surface and explore it as a native person,  at TA’AKTANA Luxury Collection Resort and Spa, new facility of Marriott International’s Luxury Collection Hostels&Resorts, they can find an environment immersed in nature and in the pleasant silence of a landscape rich in vibrant beauty.

At Ta’AKTANA three unique restaurants takes place, namely Leros, a restaurant open all day; Umasa, which caters to an authentic Indonesian dining experience; and Taba, a Robata grill.


Leros is an all-day restaurant that offers a warm and charming atmosphere. The menu highlights international delights, dishes of Portuguese influence, and the vast archipelago of Indonesia. 

Just to meet the needs of a varied and international menu, the property has recognized in Baron Professional the reliable and flexible partner to respond promptly to the needs of a dynamic kitchen

The traditional gas range with double-crown burners to offer more power, the latest generation of Super Frytop that certainly stands out for the ease and comfort of use and convenience in cleaning, the latest born, the Super Grill,  that offer greater performance and rich quality in flavor and the efficient classic fryers of Baron, all enclosed in a pleasant and elegant modular block placed in the openview restaurant .

This has been the choice of the Marriot’s operators, who were able to make available to the chefs a compact and complete solution of high quality as the entire structure that represents them. 

Baron Professional, the quality and elegance that make the difference. 

Queen9 is the choice of those who need maximum solidity, power and functionality and the response to the needs of practicality and ergonomics of those who work.

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