Casa Mandina

Alfonso and Cristian Pappalardo

After various experiences in several well-known restaurants long the Costiera Amalfitana, such as Palazzo Avino, San Pietro di Positano and a period abroad, working in France, Switzerland and England, the two brothers decided to stop travelling and try to give a shape to their dreams, wishing to bring a new concept in the restaurants world. 

That location, in ancient Maiori, with the hills behind and the sea in front, hosting completely different realities, represents for them the right starting point for realising their project. Therefore, at the end of November 2018, after various vicissitudes, they reach an agreement to manage those rooms, where they already see their dream come true.

Casa Mandina is then born.

casa mandina

The showpiece of  CasaMandina is surely the è OPEN SPACE KITCHEN of Baron Professional, where from the upper dining room and from the chef’s table people can admire the chef preparing the tasteful dishes.  

Casa Mandina offers a simple cusine which selects the best ingredients and exalts the delicated setting. 

Not only cuisine, but also research of a good wine thanks to the commitment of the two brothers that day after day refill their wine cellar, with famous and local labels. 

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