New installation at Casa Mandina restaurant

Today, we introduce you to a new Baron Professional reference.  Alfonso and Cristian Pappalardo, chefs of the Casa Mandina restaurant in Maiori, Salerno, an enchanting place, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO together with the entire Amalfi coast.

Their passion for cooking started when they were children: their mother Maria gave them water and flour which they enjoyed kneading to then create “pizzas” that they baked in an old video recorder.

Their love and knowledge about food has been handed down to them from Mum and Dad and also derives from their origins.

Their mother’s family, in fact, is a family of lemon farmers from Maiori, while their father’s family boasts a tradition of anchovy and tuna fishermen of Cetara, handed down from generation to generation.

This union has passed on to Alfonso and Cristian respect for food, following the seasonality of products and paying close attention to the area that surrounds them with niche producers, prompting them to express their talent through catering.

Their professional training boasts various experiences in both Italian and foreign starred restaurants, between the mountains and the sea, such as the Cristallo hotel in Cortina and Palazzo Avino and San Pietro di Positano.

Thanks to their father, who has always been their pioneer, Alfonso had the opportunity to attend ALMA, Vittorio Marchesi’s school in Parma.

Cristian, from the young age of 12, has followed his passion, helping Alfonso in his first restaurant in Salerno and continuously striving to learn and absorb the professionalism as much as possible, as well as to express his talent.  

Alfonso and Cristian, two brothers with a strong bond between them and with completely different personalities, as they like to define themselves.

Alfonso is “squared” very precise and schematic, Cristian is “round”, a dreamer, explosive, and inclined to always try out new things. An intertwining of different identities, perfect for a great success.

In 2018, they thought about their first restaurant and the road immediately proved difficult.

That location, in ancient Maiori, with the hills behind and the sea in front, hosting completely different realities, represents for them the right starting point for realising their project. 

Therefore, at the end of November 2018, after various vicissitudes, they reach an agreement to manage those rooms, where they already see their dream come true.

To support this perfect mix of characters, Restaurant Casa Mandina has chosen a Baron cooking line, with classic lines and extremely reliable high performance, that allow chefs to unleash their inspiration and think only of delighting all their guests.

“I want our guests to see what we can do, I want a show and an interaction between us and our customers”.

“I want our guests to see what we can do, I want a show and an interaction between us and our customers”.

This is Cristian’s must: to have an OPEN-PLAN kitchen, where you can admire the chefs dancing during their silent service from the dining room and from the counter table.

Charm and delicacy are the main characteristics that distinguish the place and the dishes, immersed in a family atmosphere made with a complete Baron Professional kitchen, the everyday choice used in professional kitchens.

Mamma Maria, hostess, welcomes guests and entertains them by telling their story and explaining the origin of the always fresh ingredients of the refined dishes that are offered daily, depending on the availability of the Maiori markets, for land products, and Catara, for fish.

Fiorella and Angelo take care of all the service in the two rooms, while their two aunts, Teresa and Lucrezia, give their support by performing the important task of cleaning the fresh products chosen by their nephews in the local markets.

A new Baron Professional reference that fully represents the perfect example in the Horeca world.

“Una noc rind o sac nun fa rumor”, is the motto handed down by their dad: “a walnut in a bag makes no noise”, which identifies what Casa Mandina represents; many walnuts in a bag make a noise, a nucleus where there are people who make a difference.

A dream become true … and in continuous evolution … just like the reliable Baron professional equipment in continuous development, and always looking for innovation to meet the high quality required in the catering world.