Acquadulcis Restaurant


From an ancient water mill, abandoned for centuries,  Aquadulcis Restaurant is born, a fascinating place that the Cobellis family wanted to revive by entrusting the project to the expert knowhow and undisputed style of architect Massimo Olivieri, who preserved its authentic beauty and enhanced the interior and exterior in an extraordinary way.

The pride of having restored a structure from the past to the present is touchble.

Baron equipment: open view modular block, gas range 6 burners, pasta cooker .


An innovative, low-temperature cooking concept lead by a continuous search for high quality raw materials.

A simple cuisine that enhances the products of the Cilento territory, proposing unusual combinations, unexpected contrasts, which generate new and exciting flavors.

Balanced dishes where no ingredient prevails over the other.

Chef Vincenzo Cucolo’s cooking is not a demonstration of technical skills, it is a combination of ideas and research of raw materials from the Cilento region to be combined with sophisticated haute cuisine products. The brilliance of such combinations lies in doing so delicately enough to amaze those who taste them.

He was born in 1986 in Laviano, a small mountain village in the upper Sele Valley. Vincenzo Cucolo, after graduating from the hotel institute of “Contursi Terme” continued his training at the “Academy of Cuisine.” His desire for knowledge then led him to specialize at “Cast Alimenti” in Brescia, where he still maintains contacts and collaborations.
Parallel to his training, which began when he was only 15 years old, the chef began his work experiences in the southern lands and then entered the kitchens of central Italy. The most intense and professionally stimulating period coincides with his meeting with the Lucan chef, the Michelin-starred Vitantonio Lombardo. Hence the big change.
Vincenzo Cucolo is ready for confrontation and putting himself on the line, a chef always willing to participate in gastronomic initiatives and events. In his kitchen he maintains a clean and refined line, exalting the raw materials of the territory.

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