Sustainable tourism and Eco-resort to reconnect with the territory. 

Sustainable tourism is the new way of travelling for those who care about the environment, nature and the local communities. Comfort and sustainability are the priorities of the Resort that Baron wishes to present : Casa di Langa.

Alta Langa hills

The resort, located between the wine districts of Barolo, Barbaresco and Alta Langa, is not simply a hotel in the multifaceted Horeca world, but a sustainable experience where guests can connect with the remarkable landscapes and typical flavours of the surrounding area, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Casa di Langa Resort

The wide property allows guests the possibility to reconnect with nature by exploring the landscapes, sounds, and scents of the spectacular Piedmontese countryside. It is the territory of world-renowned wines, white truffles, and regional culinary specialities, which can be enjoyed at the Fàula of Casa di Langa restaurant.

Fàula, or “tale” in Langhe dialect, is a tribute to the region’s centuries-old tradition of friendly families spending time together and sharing stories. Casa di Langa’s concept of life and cuisine is radically different, with everyday living, seasonality, and spontaneity marking the rhythm of the food and wine proposal.

Daniel Zeilinga

Daniel Zeilinga, born in 1989, is the young and talented chef from South Tyrol at the helm of Fàula, bringing to the table honest, fair, and essential cuisine that, like Casa di Langa, cultivates sustainability.

He has, in fact, created an entirely green menu, dedicated to the precious raw materials grown in his own biodynamic vegetable garden, creating incredibly tempting proposals based around the key element – vegetables – celebrated in all his dishes

Corner view of the wide livingroom

Nothing has been left to the chance; everything is carefully studied and implemented to ensure the expectations of eco-friendly guests are amply met.

Corner view of the open garden

The elegance, dependability, and flexibility of an authentic Baron Professional kitchen, chosen by the owners of Casa di Langa to satisfy their guests’ needs 24/h cannot be overlooked in this quest for authenticity, respect for nature and the individual, as well as tradition

Baron Professional kitchen at Casa di Langa

The chef and his entire team use Baron Professional equipment as a fixed ingredient, essential to the proper execution of their recipes. The Queen70 and Queen90 lines add a touch of elegance to the visual surroundings while ensuring excellent performance and reliability at all times, as required in a demanding establishment such as Casa di Langa.

Daniel Zeilinga and his team

The choice, in this case, was geared towards the world of Tutta Piastra, innovative Induction, and the classic must-have kitchen equipment from the extensive range of solutions offered by Baron Professional through its business partner Teknica.

High attention has also been afforded to aesthetics and safety; the tubular steel bar, recessed chrome-plated aluminium handles and the dashboard (personalised in the case of Casa di Langa with dedicated colouring) accentuate and enhance the continuity and clean look of the harmonious and elegant hob design.

The front bar, in particular, is a distinguishing design element of the queen of kitchens and adds to its visual impact with clear benefits: a convenient foothold for the cook, ensuring a safe distance from the worktop and thus protecting against accidental impacts.

Queen Design

The new knobs also offer a total protection and a guaranteed hygiene. Offering an excellent grip, they help operators check and control the settings at a glance. Special attention was also paid to the backplate of the knob, perfectly designed to prevent the infiltration of liquids and/or dirt. The knobs and backplates can be washed at the end of the day without compromising their functionality or safety, thanks to the splashproof certification (IPX5) obtained further to specific testing.

Baron Professional knob

Just as an ever-growing category of eco-sustainable travellers are bound to enjoy the welcoming environment of Casa di Langa, where they can relax, meditate and reconnect with nature while savouring high-quality local food and wine proposals, so the world of dynamic and demanding chefs, who pay attention to the global evolutions and trends, enjoy the highly professional solutions proposed by Baron Professional in response to their high-end catering needs.

Baron Professional, the everyday choice.

Open-view Baron Professional kitchen at Casa di Langa