Solid Chrome surface

Durability and Easy Maintenance

Superior Resistance

SolidChrome is the new brushed chrome surface designed to resist scratches and facilitate daily cleaning operations.
These features make it ideal for intensive use in professional kitchens, ensuring an always impeccable appearance.

The Unique Features of Brushed Chrome

Material innovation

The innovative chrome plating technology adopted for Brushed Chrome steel combines the resistance of steel cooking plates with the antioxidant properties of chrome plates, resulting in a slightly rough surface that improves resistance to cuts and impacts. You can use metal utensils directly on the cooking surface without risking any damage.

Non-stick properties

Brushed Chrome steel offers excellent non-stick properties which facilitate cooking and food handling, reducing the need for additional oils and allowing healthier cooking.

Simplified Cleaning

The Brushed Chrome cooking plate is easy to clean. During service, food residues can be removed with a simple sponge or metal spatula, and at the end of the day it is possible to carry out a deeper cleaning with neutral products, restoring the cooking surface to its original conditions in just a few minutes.

Precise Heat Control

Thanks to the models equipped with thermostatic control, Brushed Chrome steel allows precise temperature adjustment, reducing excess heat and ensuring a healthier and more comfortable working environment. This result translates into less energy waste and superior cooking quality.

Compliance with European Regulations

The Brushed Chrome Fry-Tops are fully compliant with Regulation (EC) no. 1935/2004, ensuring that all materials in contact with food are safe and suitable for food use. This certification guarantees peace of mind for both the chef and the end consumer.

Solid Chrome

The brushed chrome finish cooking plate solution has been developed to generate value for the chef by combining the features of a polished chrome cooking plate and the cooking characteristics of a mild steel cooking surface.

Exclusive Properties

Non-stick surface

Remarkable resistance to mechanical stress

The possibility of the surface of the cooking plate being damaged by scratching is at least 15 times higher than for the shiny chrome version.

Surface hardness 950 Vickers

After cleaning, no memory effect of previous cooking

Resistance to extreme thermal stress (tested from 200° to -196° in 2 seconds without any evidence of alteration)

Possibility of cutting food directly on the cooking plate

Better food distribution and temperature control

Fry Top Supreme

A complete range with wide modularity, available by Queen’s FryTop Supreme that is now enriched with a new choice, the SolidChrome plate, brushed chrome, which can be selected both in the Queen9 line and in the Queen7 line among over 350 FryTop models.