Sala Restaurant

danny russo

Danny Russo, a multifaceted, dynamic and innovative chef and soul.

The Love for cooking was born as he was a child, making growing the passion which has turned into a full time career that has permitted him to travel all around the world and to work for restaurants and hotels in China, India, Middle East, United States and of course in Europe.

He has been our testimonial for more than 10 years, since the first time he used a Baron Professional machine in a kitchen.



At his Sala restaurant, located in Sydney’s Bay, Jones Bay Warf, with his group of 12 chefs trained in his school, guest-packed events are held every day and with his Baron kitchen, which Danny himself considers the Ferrari of kitchens, he is able to cook cavatelli with the pasta cooker in seven minutes, serving 110 guests at the same time and leaving them breathless.

The great strength of Baron equipments, as Danny testifies, is to prepare each dish in a very short time, respecting its organoleptic characteristics, while always maintaining the same quality in the result

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