New things are created by the artists

Carmela Straniero, a young and talented chef of Apulian origins, born in Trani, the “Pearl of the Adriatic Sea”.

Passionate about cooking from a young age, inebriated by the scents of her mother’s homemade pasta and by the countless flavours of the rich Apulian land, she was inspired to experiment with catering for fun.

Grown up, Carmela attended catering management school and started her training with her first work experiences, initially in her native region, then for short periods in Tuscany.

At 19, after graduating, Carmela’s ideas were already very clear: her world is and will be Professional Cooking.

Carmela Straniero

Her goal is to learn from the best chefs from all over the world: this is why she decided to pack a full of dreams suitcase and fly to London.

Here, she joined Alain Ducasse’s 3-Michelin-star team, where she was assigned to the bakery and pastry sector. When, after two years of dedication, she decided to return to Italy, her manager complimented her, saying: “you arrived here as a frightened fish and now you leaves as a shark, ready to face to the most difficult challenges that this world will throw at you.”

Back to Italy, she continued her varied and stimulating journey, always oriented to learn by the best chefs and aimed at learning and deepening the techniques for preparing typical Italian products. Therefore, she alternated experiences in different Italian regions, including Piemonte, Liguria and Tuscany, working in prestigious Michelin-starred kitchens such as that of Fratelli TrovatoFamiglia Vivalda and next to Ricchebuono starred chef, with whom she established a relationship of mutual respect.

At 30 years old, Carmela looked at herself in the mirror and realised what her new ambitious project would be.

“I want to open a place where my customers feel good when eating and with a breathtaking view, a view that will give me energy to prepare my dishes every day”.

The place is clear:  Piemonte region.

The search for the right location was certainly not easy and immediate, and when the project seemed to have reached an impasse, she met Mr. Priola and Mr. Mascarello.

With a great vision in mind, they gave her free rein to build the whole restaurant from scratch.

La Sbornia is perfect, located on the top of a hill with a breathtaking landscape view.

For Carmela, it has been love at first sight.

It was born from an ambitious project of the owners; to create an innovative place that distinguishes itself from the historic locations of the Langhe, being the result of a modern construction that started from scratch. Their vision is building something that will leave its mark. Creating a refreshment point in the province that offers a new culinary, enological and territorial experience.

New from old: the Langa, once a poor land (represented by the right side of the room, in dove grey colour, which recalls the brick), becomes wealthy (the left side of the building, in white) through the wine that brings well-being (represented by the bottle, structural and load-bearing element of the building thanks to the imposing pillars which, in the “neck”, branch out to represent the tree of life).

The connecting stairs are shaped like DNA, with the intrinsic concept of evolution, from poor to rich.

Finally, the roof, which recalls the skyline of the King of Stone, the Monvisio, behind.

In short, nothing is left to chance, and Carmela chooses to rely on professional partners who can guarantee reliability, flexibility and innovation, such as the group of Teknica that leads her to discover the elegance and solidity of the queen of professional kitchens, the Queen 70 and the Queen 90 by Baron Professional.

Her first professional kitchen entirely designed according to her ideas and needs represents a great satisfaction for Carmela, who immediately enters into symbiosis with the Baron cooking line, which will allow her to work in total comfort and safety.

The space reserved for clients will be divided into two restaurants.

La Sbornia

The upper floor will be the “Antipodi” gourmet restaurant, where guests will be able to choose between three menus, including the ANTIPODI menu; a menu that will reflect the chef’s personality, five opposing courses that will transversely touch the chef’s work experiences from the northern regions to the southern regions.

The ground floor will host the “Lounge food” with dishes linked to the Piedmontese tradition and just outside the region.

Guests will be able to admire the chef in her bright and luminous Baron Professional kitchen the moment they enter the restaurant, thanks to the large windows placed immediately after the entrance.

“Feeling like at home” a familiar, warm and welcoming environment. Innovation and tradition. Perfect synthesis of La Sbornia and the Baron Professional concept. Professionalism of the people and high-performance equipment that will make the experience of this new location unique in the hereca world.

Thanks to Carmela Straniero for her availability.

Thanks to the Teknica group for the professionalism and many years of trust reserved to Baron Professional.

Enjoy your work with Baron, the choice of every day!