In Turin, the “Magorabin” is the dark man who scares children in fairy tales. Since 2003 it has also been synonymous of contemporary local cuisine by Marcello Trentini.

Attention to the detail, care and comfort, and a delightful approach to the table are the keys with which the Magorabin restaurant extends daily the concept of hospitality and taste, in every dish or in the drink proposals .

Twenty years later, after continuous evolutions, Magorabin is a restaurant with a contemporary Design and an international touch, and at the same time with a deeply Turin soul, just like its patron, Michelin star since 2013.


Elegant, rigorous, confident, Magorabin is more charming than ever. The chef’s cosmopolitan nature can be breathed into every element, starting from the lounge that welcomes guests and following into its rooms with New York-style design references and details such as the lights and walls celebrating Italian craftsmanship.

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