New concepts in the canteens' world

In Australia, a new canteen has born and it seems it is directly coming out from a design magazine. It is placed in the headquarter of the Safety Culture in Sydney.  
Inside, the kitchen offers more than 400 meals everyday to its guests, who can enjoy a real gastronomy experience during the lunch time. 
Cooking for people to offer them a community feeling.  
This is the aim of this company and of the iconic chef Ms  Lucia Di Luca.
The kitchen has to be a real meeting point, where the members of the team  can have a break during the daily work and at the same time having the possibility to grow new social relationships, thinking to new ideas and enjoy good food and healthy food.   
Baron helps in realizing  this concept thanks to traditional equipents and to the beside latest technologies, as the multifunction TALENT. 
A project carried by the exclusive importer in the Australian market Scots Ice Australia.

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