L’ Astrako Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Astrako restaurant

At the Astrako Restaurant & Lounge Bar you can dine with a wide choice of fresh fish which is cooked on time in the open-view kitchen, with technological avantguarde equipments enjoying high quality wines and cocktails, listening to music and attending high level events, all granted by the high professionals Chef Nicola Sammartano’s team .

Mediteranean cuisine

Local dishes in a wonderful panoramic restaurant anf lounge bar, all located in Favignana island, in Sicily.

The name Astrako,  comes from “Astrachi”, in Sicily dialect “rooftops”.

In the ancient Sicilian houses  , during summer nights, people were used to climb the roofs spending their time in talking about the spent day, sipping good wine and enjoyin the summer breeza.  

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