Civico 47

Matteo zamboni

Matteo Zamboni, owner and dynamic force of Civico 47 in Paddington, Sydney, has sharpened his passion for the hospitality and the culinary world during the years.   

He can boast various experiences by starred restaurant in Rome so as in Milan, continuing to experiences in Tokyo where he has absorbed the Japaneese kitchen  techniques.

Till Australia, where he arrived about fifteen years ago and where he quickly established himself as one of the most important Italian chefs in the nation. 


At the iconic 47 Windsor Street in Paddington stands the restaurant of chef Matteo Zamboni, CIVICO 47.
The best Australian products are proposed in a menù full of inspiration of the Italian regions.

Baron is the faithful ally of this young chef in the kitchen, and with a bright modular Queen90, consisting of  gas cooker, frytop and a pasta cooker, meets the daily requests of customers.

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