Caffetteria Carabela

A historic café

In the Northern part of Spain, in the Galicia region, there is the famous city of Pontevedra, recognized for its maritime and commercial traditions and placed in the homonymous fjord.  

In the elegant and historical old town all streets are still   paved in stones, na heritage of the Roman constructions.   

Stop on the famous Portuguese route of Santiago which, after crossing the city of Lisbon and Porto, enters Galicia just passing through Pontevedra. 

In the central Plaza de la Peregrina, pilgrims, tourists and citizens can find refreshment in the historic Carabela café. 


Carabela is a historic café that has more than 76 years of activity.

In the basement, the kitchen has been recently renovated through the professional work of Grupo Roig, historical partner of Baron Professional.

A QUEEN cooking block consisting of a double deep fryer, a 4-burners kitchen, a frytop work  daily to offer fast dishes and traditional Galician dishes. 

A compact but high efficiency solution from Baron Professional’s Queen line has been chosen for this historical reality.

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