The no-stop evolution of the food service world

The world of catering is constantly evolving and the specialization in the different fields is more and more detailed.

As manifacturers and suppliers of specialized equipments in the professional kitchens, Baron Professional since 1995 creates, designs and produces in its Italian factory a wide range of equipment to reply concretely to new trends and needs in the wide universe of catering.

Especially after the pandemic, the new trends in the catering sector are quality, safety, green food and eco-sustainability.

Innovation, well-being and practicality are therefore the main ingredients that Baron uses in the design of its equipments and in the organization of dedicated spaces in the various realities of small, medium and large catering.

Talking about the small catering, the choice of equipments for the development of the kitchen, depends mainly on the proposed menu.  Following the trends of the public, these last few years have seen a proliferation of small restaurants that seek compact solutions in the realization of their kitchen space.

For example, container kitchens, which represent a great tendency in the center-north Europe, where the recycling of the container is exploited with success already for a long time, also for residential use, to open a restaurant in a container means not only to demonstrate to take care of the modern needs, but it means also to manage and save significantly the costs.  As well as in the vans dedicated to street food, increasingly popular in Italy.

Remarkable, moreover, thanks to the attention of consumers to the well-eating and to the food quality, is the widespread philosophy of specializing and of creating real gourmet experiences given by the haute cuisine as in the starred restaurants. Here the equipment proposed by Baron, which allows to have even in small spaces machines of great efficiency and performance, make the difference for the achievement of the goal of the most demanding chefs.

To be considered is also the concrete recent and increasing trend that focuses its attention on the needs of children and their families: family-friendly restaurants, developed in northern Europe and widespread in the central continent, so as in Italy are gradually developing, maintaining their Italian spirit in a menu dedicated to the health also of the younger customers. An authentic example of this kind of restaurant, is the Benvenuto Family restaurant that has seen in Baron the reliable partner to realize its open-view kitchen.

Hygiene, safety and quality are also essential criteria to be respected in the world of large catering, in all those realities such as canteens, cooking centers and large catering where food is prepared to be then served in large volumes to the most disparate consumers. This collective form of catering must adapt to the specific needs of the customers who must use it ,and, the nutritional and sanitary hygienic aspects, are strictly considered, with constant quality standards but changing with respect to the needs of users.

Multi cooking bratt pans, hobs with many burners, large pasta cookers and trolley ovens are essential for the efficient preparation of meals. The choice of models with appropiate capacity and performance and that allow constant hygiene, is crucial in the success of a punctual and efficient service.

Baron kitchens, competitive in terms of strength, durability of components, ease of use and technological level, offer a range of modular components with different sizes and accessories, to be combined to create a custom kitchen and constant performance over time.

A splendid example of Baron’s realization is a company canteen of a well-known household equipment company in Belgrade, serving more than four thousand meals daily. As clearly visible in the above images, the equipment selected by this customer meets all the necessary standards to be maintained in this type of restaurant.

Of great consideration, moreover, and not less evolving than the large and small catering, is also the medium catering, that represents all what is related to the catering type of big and medium hotels, catering, self-service and supermarket kitchens, gastronomy.

The world of Horeca, an acronym for hotellerie-restaurant-café or even catering, pays much attention to the development of new market trends and the evolution of consumer sensitivity towards more advanced values of simple accommodation and eating.

Food is increasingly at the center of social relations and experiential tourism, where wellness, technology and valuable experiences are the key words of these new trends.

The flexibility in the design and in the most appropriate equipment proposal to the needs of the referring food service reality, therefore, represents a must in the offer that Baron Professional offers daily to its partners and users. Quality, efficiency and refined design, features of the QUEEN line, are combined in a perfect synthesis responding to the requests of the most demanding and disparate consumers. Solidity and reliability also represent an invaluable safety in the choice of this fields operators. There are many examples of hospitality and catering that have chosen BARON and that can be mentioned, one of these could be Casa di Langa in the Langhe.

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