Sedicesimo Secolo


Born in 1985, Simone Breda, owner of the gourmet restaurant Sedicesimo Secolo in Pudiano, a hamlet of Orzinuovi in the lower Brescia region, received his first Michelin Star in 2019 only 32 months after opening. An important goal, as important as his training which started under the guidance of Gualtiero Marchesi. or two years he worked alongside chefs Fabrizio Molteni and Massimiliano Aresi before joining in 2011 the staff of Clandestino, the sushi bar of chef Moreno Cedroni.


In April 2016, with Liana Genini – his partner and maître and sommelier – he opened Sedicesimo Secolo. His contemporary and refined cuisine, with its strong but never invasive flavours, earned him a place among the Michelin Guide’s award-winning restaurants in 2019

Breda has chosen a Queen 90 Baron cooking block with griddle plate, gas burnes, solid top. A well-equipped and technically perfect space leaves the talent of a chef free to express himself.

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