Meydan Hotel


Shaped like a moving wave, the Meydan Hotel is designed for urban elegance.

This hotel combines contemporary luxury with outstanding dining options, an extraordinary infinity pool and a world-class golf course, all close to the famous Meydan Racecourse.

The Meydan Hotel was designed from the ground up to offer a memorable experience of contemporary urban luxury with a hint of equestrian class. The hotel experience is refined by the interplay of light, airy spaces and green expanses.

Seven food and beverage locations to offer a variety of gourmet cuisines in settings ranging from casual to fine dining, while a rooftop infinity pool offers relaxing moments.


Baron Professional has been chosen for this prestigious hotel. 

The installation includes:

  • a 4 burners gas range on a gas oven; 
  •  a deep gas fryer  15 lt;
  •  a gas grill; 
  • a lava stone grill.

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