The owner Amed Zouari started from the name giving an hint of what you can find entering in his restaurant located in Dubai.



  • Tell us about THE PIRATE


                 Le Pirate is about seafood and Pirates, two things everyone is passionate about. Le pirate is a seafood menu food with a Tunisian flavor.

                We chose the pirates to be our inspiration for our restaurant decoration.  We have one of the best Tunisian chefs who is serving the best seafood menu in town.


  • What kind of professional equipment do you need in a restaurant like this?


                 Cooking range,  grill, fryer, charcoal grill, salamander, bainmarie, chillers, freezeers, tilting pans, and ovens.


  • How important is the technology in the cooking process nowadays in your sector?


Very very important! In the old days, only the experienced chef can do the good cooking and it used to take long time. Nowadays, any entry-level chef can do the best cooking using the technologies plus in a short period of time, thus saving a lot of time.


  • How do you choose the equipment you work with?


Well it mainly depends on the menu we are serving and secondly of space constrains. Mostly we need reliable and flexible equipment which permits us to cook many different types of dishes due to our varied customers.


  • What are the features a restaurant should have to satisfy customers request nowadays?


By being different! Either by decoration, food quality service, or location. Let me tell you about us starting with the minute you get onboard our Pirate Ship

Decor: Woody and leathery pirate ship interior to make you feel special.

We would love to take your photo holding real swords and guns and shouting Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!

Menu: We offer pre-set full course options called “Feasts” with a variety of tastes and prices. From soup to dessert, you will be having fish, prawns, mussels, oyster, caviar, and lobster. You might also select à la carte or a continental breakfast in the morning.

Crew: The staff pirates are skilled, friendly and trained to make you feel at home. Feel free to chat, we chose only those with interesting stories to tell.



  • What are the most important challenges and the rewardings in your job?


The challenge is to gain the customers’ satisfaction, especially in this country we have customers from different nationalities and it is a big challenge to satisfy all the tastes.

Definitely the rewarding is seeing our customers leaving the restaurant with big smiles and satisfaction.


  • What is your “MOTTO”?. How is true in your job?


Like for others what you like for yourself”  I would only serve the food that I myself would like to eat, in terms of quality and neatness.

What is your advice to enterpreneurs and start/up which want to succeed in restauration?
I would advise you to rely on expert suppliers which can provide fine food, good quality products and equipment and a complete and personalized customer service. I’ d suggest seriousness and humility and a grain of folly in offering something out of the ordinary!

     And this is the way the real protagonist of the kitchens acts. Let's go to the Executive Chef Mohammed Romani


  • Mr Romani, did you always wanted to become a chef?


        Yes, definetely, since I was born! I feel happy when I stay in a kitchen. I belongs to 


  • How do you choose the products to use in your courses?


       Depending on the season and on the customers’ need. We provide various dishes consisting of seafood, fresh fish and Tunisian food,

       so it depends a lot on the season and the customer's requests that come from various nationalities.


  • Where do you get the inspiration for your courses?


       Mainly from our culture (Tunisian), I focus on introducing the old dishes in a modern taste. I also try to mix between Tunisian and European flavor.


  • Let’s speak about technology, why did you choose Baron?


     Well, we did not know about it until Marino recommended it. When we saw the products we found that it had a heavy duty hard structure and it is easy to use.


  • Tell more about “the soul” of this restaurant.


          The Pirates!!
          We offer a mix of sensations starting from the atmosphere up to the mix of international tastes and flavors and excellent fresh fish in a cool and unique environment!            It starts from the moment you get on board our pirate ship. The atmosphere is created by comforting lights and sounds.

          The music is carefully selected for the client to relax; however, he will listen to new songs whenever he comes to visit us


  • Which is the course of your menu you particulary love?


    Seafood platter! You can try all different seafood flavors in one dish



  • What’s the most important desire for a chef?


    To make customers happy and have no complaints. Having a good reputation and be sure that they can trust you.


Come to visit us and we promise to feast you, not only to feed you.


This is the story of Le Pirate Restaurant and Baron.  Do you want to tell us the story of your restaurant?


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