User-friendly touch screen panel


Control panel with 7" high-resolution touch screen display and electronic controller for managing: cooking temperature, frying programmes, HACCP alarms, tank cleaning cycle, preheating and 100 °C setpoint function and system diagnostics.

Automatic gas ignition


A quick, easy and reliable operation with the aid of electronic flame control.


Oil circulation and filtering

The Baron system means that filling and draining oil is
no longer a problem. Even cleaning the tank will be much simpler and faster.


HIGH LOW heating

In both electric and gas versions, power modulation enables gradual preheating and control over small batches of food.

Automatic basket lift

A practical basket lift system lets you work quickly and efficiently. By programming the recipes on the touch screen panel, the basket is automatically raised when the set frying time has expired, ensuring you will always enjoy excellent results at just the right moment. To increase your freedom of choice, the baskets can also be used in manual mode.